Police Investigations

In the United States, all Police Investigations involve the possibility that someone in the community has been raped. The Police Department has agreed that no one in the community is allowed to use authority to obtain sex and are forbidded to refuse life, liberty or property in sexual gratification. All crime may not be the direct result of someone breaking the rape statute but in pursuing those that commit violations of the Common Law many other crimes have been discovered. The Justice Department relies on the Constitution to express the sentiment that no one is allowed to interfere with the Commerce of the Government and Rape is a big obstacle on the path to success and both Civil Law and Criminal Law are the surest ways of reaching a reasonable settlement after careful review of previous cases in making decisions. I think it’s a good method of determing which way to go and admit to be a suspect of Rape is frustrating because everyone wants to have someone that agrees sex is great but I don’t agree that Rape is necessay to convince anyone of the idea. Policing in America is dangerous work and after someone has come under the lamp and feels threatened by the rubber hose while alone in a cold damp place with people who intend to get what they want after they find out the truth is scary but should the Police get it wrong they are bound by the law of restitution that tells them to let it alone and pay the damages or they may change the way the community travels the path and things will go wrong. Documentaries are Interesting.

A Quick View

Is it Firefighters answer to Bankers, Police Officers answer to Congress and Sheriffs answere to Judges?

I’ve known a few Firefighters that were Bankers. I’ve known a few Police Officers that were Congress. I’ve known a few Sheriffs that were Judges.

I think that the part of this story that needs to be explained a little more is the part about who the Police answer too. I said the Police answer to Congress. Congress has two parts; the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate is the Old County Sheriffs way of doing business of hiring only as many deputies as needed to fight crime. The House of Representatives is the City’s way of saying we have a new County system of crime prevention and everybody gets paid for helping out and if not somebodies going to jail. So Sheriffs are always thinking about how Judges seem to be for the County. Firefighters are always thinking about how Bankers seem to be for the City. The Police are always thinking about Congress and the Bill of Rights and how much it cost the Banker to have a case heard at the Courthouse by a Judge and I think the reason why is because secretly the Police is a Firefighter that wants to go back to being a Sheriff but can’t until they become Chief. Check this out!