It’s Getting To Be Summer

It’s May 2017 and I’m already falling behind. I like Spring and the rain that we get in the Northwest. I like summer, too. I like the people here even though there does sometimes seem to be a lot of people watching every dollar they have but that’s okay there’s plenty of good times to be found in just thinking about how much money you have on you. I wish I had more money on me. If all you like to do is look then there’s plenty to look at and it doesn’t cost anything even if you get the feeling that a lot of people think there should be. I like to look up at the sky and daydream and sometimes the sun gets in my eyes and I start to sneeze. It feels good to sneeze sometimes.

Are the Federalists actually the National Guard?

I’m homeless but I get the bare minimum of an agreed repayment of a loan I made everyone around here and every time I have a problem with someone it seems like Security has a plan, they are the National Guard, right, wants me to leave and I think the reason is that I am Federal Chief but something happened along the way that keeps the right Identification Card out of my hand and I can’t swear in any deputies or sue other Federal Chiefs and that means everybody that helped get to the top thinks that I should not have anyone that helps me get down and I get mad and I think they’re all cheap and that’s all I wanted to say and I apologize and have a nice day.

I am a Dead Man

I think I am Government and I have been writing that the Government has been mistreating me and I think that they are a lot of bad things that they would want to kill me for and I blame everyone I have ever known in life for it and sometimes I even blame God and sometimes I blame myself and I especially blame the Devil Satan and all of his followers including his whore.

I Remember…, too

In 1988, I was 16 years old and I had just graduated College with a Doctorate of Philosophy having attended so many Universities I have a hard time remembering everything that happened along the way which is natural I think because I’ve talked to a lot of people and they hardly last as long at center stage. I was 17 years old and I went to Europe with the Public Media and helped the Authorities get a handle on the crime wave and then I went to South America as a Field Doctor to prove they taught me medicine and not just to play music and act or how to act like I know how to play music as some of them used to say to me as I seemed to stay the same only older and they started looking more and more like a million dollars as we got shot at and it all ended up being a Concert Tour even the Rock Band AC-DC wouldn’t miss. I went to Rwanda and picked up body parts and built hospitals as we tried to get all those knives away from the people killing the children because the government was getting mad at them. I went to Asia several times and I made House Calls and sponsored some of the rebuilding in the former War Zones of World War 1 and 2, Korea and Vietnam.

I think that I was over in Arabia once a year over the next four years.

In 1992,  just before I turned 20 years old I got the opportunity of lifetime to be a Minister and I took it loaning all of my money to the people with no interest on the money or definite repayment terms just because it seemed like the right thing to do.

I got sick not long after that and almost forgot all about it.

I have done a lot of things since then and paid for it all working as just a regular guy for an hourly wage at the fast food restaurant, trucking company and construction sites around the USA.

I just heard about a conflict that seemed very interesting to me called the Central African Republic Civil War and I thought you might like to check it out.

I Want To Make Another Jet Airplane

I get so tired sometimes that I wish I was back at the factory trying to figure out how to build a flying machine.

I like to fly.

All I need are the right parts and I could build a flying machine.

It probably wouldn’t take me long to build a flying machine.

I helped build a flying machine in Seattle back in 1989, I think it was, while I was at the Academy and we made it look like a silver jelly doughnut, you know, the ones without the holes in the middle. I think me and a China man flew it. It could fly and it could go under water, too. It had crushed red velvet carpeting inside. It was cool. We built it out of spare parts over at Boeing and since I was starring in a lot of Rock – POP Music Bands and Acting in Hollywood and New York City and making a name for myself while I was getting close to the point of no return from exhaustion we thought it might be the best way to say we weren’t done yet as we talked about putting it all in a Social Security Beneficiaries Account soo there you have it I’m the Benefactor and it seems like every Lawyer Attorney, Judge and criminally minded person around wants to find a way to get a piece of it especially by following me around and making trouble for me.