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I did it!

I was born on July 11, 1972,

I became a millionaire when I six years old in Seattle,

I became a U.S. Magistrate with no Id. from Denver in November 1988,

I became a multi-millionaire and a Magistrate-Judge from Seattle Commerce with no Id. in November 1991,

I became a U.S. Marshal with no Id. from Philadelphia in April 1992,

I became a Felon sayin I didn’t do it from Charlottesville in January 2007,

I’ve been homeless for years, now,

And I betcha wondering if I’m sorry I decided to go it alone and not get me an Id by any means necessary?


The Appeal Court Processes

The US Appeals Court Justice makes decisions according to the US Constitution and its demand that no one is permitted to interfere with the Commerce of the Government with close attention paid to Elections, Revenue, Employment and Court Trials by Jury, Bail and a Speedy Trial and does so by paying close attention to Civil Law and Criminal Law as the Justice must make decisions based on Statutory Law and Case Law in view of Administrative Law as the Federal Law amended the US Constitution giving everyone Civil Rights and increasing the burden of proof standard by the State. At times, we all take our Civil Rights for granted but every time you speak your mind, carry a gun and drink alcohol you should remember to try to resist violence because if you had no one in the Legal System to defend Civil Rights you probably would never be able to get out of jail no matter who you are or how much money you have in the bank. It seems as though there’s a big demand to know why the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) has disappeared from the docket but I hardly think it was the US Appeals Court that condemned such a worthwhile business as everyone is entitled to legal representation at state expense and they are in control of the banking system on the by and by but still obligated to the Justice to have ‘Due Process’ adhered to and ‘Just Cause’ observed for prior to any immigration, emigration or deportation and of course there is still the practice of military detainment denying the right to bail to service members during a state of emergency and the incarceration of criminals in foreign detainment centers around the world that has been going on since US President Eisenhower’s Administration in the 1940’s, just after World War 2. Personally, I think that there is plenty of room for everyone who wants to go to jail right here in the USA but then again sometimes I still like the idea of labor for the convicted but it is a Trust issue and involves placing wealth in the hands of persons that would be required to show up at the Court Summons by the Police to answer the Warrant of the Sheriff whenever the charge dictates the business of the day and many persons in the State apparently have better things to do or have contempt for the lengthy reasoning process the defense often portrays concerning the actions of the poor and needy when they consider the bounty. I do believe that there are many competent persons still authoring cases that matter to everyone and I hope that a renewed interest will take place in this country.

It’s ‘Nine Eleven’ again and I still sigh

I hope and I pray that everyone remembers mercy on ‘Judgement Day’ and we get a sign that it was an easy decision to make. So many people taking advantage of everything because they don’t like to be broke and walking around where everybody can see them begging for what they need. I cry all the time about it myself. I don’t know how much more I can take of all the hardship that goes along with being so needy but I’m glad I got mercy to keep me company and it’s the truth.