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Electro – Magnetism Rules

I’ve been using electricity my whole life and working with it for almost as long. I have this strange attraction to it. It’s not a sexual attraction but it’s magnetic. Sinful. I know so much about how to draw electricity into a container for storage and then use it like a battery. I know how to make iron serve that attraction and make it hot enough to turn a wheel and that means I know how to make a reasonable Sea, Air, Land vehicle that will take me places. If i filled a five gallon plastic bucket with wet beach sand from the ocean, added chlorine bleach, put a lid on it and then drove long metal spikes into it and attached big wire wrapped halfway around a square ringlet and wrapped small wire around the other half and attached them to coffee maker remembering to attach a rheostat (fan control) and an on/off switch I might be able to brew a pot of coffee and spend more time thinking about that spaceship I want to make so we can go on a journey through the Galaxy and Universe dreaming about everything.

Let’s go!


When someone appears homeless everyome in the government wants to know why? Everyone’s first thoughts are they’ve committed a crime. If they appear nervous and smell like dirty underwear there’s rumors they’re sex crimes and it isn’t long before a lot of people are following them around. The reason a homeless person smells like dirty underwear is they don’t have a second pair and there’s probably people harassing them in their sleep causing them to ejaculate and fart alot. Sometimes those people that harass the homeless want their shoes, clothes, sex and life. Another thing is that if the homeless person is government the bankers owe them money and don’t want to pay. If they’ve been homeless for a long time they don’t want them around.