It’s how a bunch of homosexuals in government spell relief get rid of US Marshal Michael Edward Reif

My wallet appears to have been stolen and all I have is local emergency Id and since I am in Seattle, Washington which is now a very favorable retreat towards homosexuals as they fly the gay pride flag on City Hall flagpole it’s obvious what happen 27 years ago when I sighned the USMS contract in Denver, Colorado and the USA contract in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 23 years ago and property was not delivered and I have been kidnapped and brought to Seattle, Washington on several occasions and then possibly sedated and violently attacked given a concussion to cause amnesia as I jwas just told that I am not allowed on the steps of City Hall by a security guard and as I tried to leave peacefully I told him I am a US Marshal on disability never having been give property because of a problem at the start because I’m not a homosexual and he could go away and he said he didn’t care and that I don’t have jurisdiction and I told the security guard he’s wrong US Marshals are the executives at City Hall and then was told by the security guard to show him some id to prove it and that he’s a homosexual and he’d love to touch me right now and then as I stepped on to the public sidewalk he wouldn’t stop talking to me and threatened to mace me and I told him fuck you if you do be careful because I’m really close to popping one of you in the head. I called for the city police officer across the street at the police station to advise the security guard of the law and he simply if you don’t have your US Marshal ID they’re going to run you off everytime and several Officers from the Warrant Division pulled up at the beginning of the conversation. I left.

I’m sure this very same thing has happened here before meaning it was scripted on their part, a premeditated crime and if put before a jury I’m sure they’d agree.

It sounds like the full blown homosexuals in the government that prefer to go around legal procedure want to beat down everybody again in and around King County and Seattle, Washington and else where over the issue because they probably want non-government lie, steal, rape and murder me.

I just found out some paper work I got today is missing and was probably lifted off of me as I slept right before the City Hall incident. I just found the paperwork on the ground.

I just found the papers on the ground, anyway.

The Law stipulates everyone has a right to City Hall (a Republican form of government even after normal business hours).


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