I’m a US Marshal never had property and now that I’ve suffered Mental Health and Prison I think I know why

My dad G.Reif, Sr, born 1/15/1948 the year the CIA began in Virginia was in the Marines, which are HQ in Virginia, during Vietnam but before actually going there he spent a year in Iceland as part of some CIA Operation probably with the Secret Service or Naval Intelligence and AirForce I’m thinking and when he got back he became a Phila, PA City Police Officer and then was possibly hired by the King County Sheriffs Department and together they all decided that my Birthday was going to be 7/11 which is the name of a chain of conveience stores HQ in Dallas, Texas which is also where the US Currency is manufactured at the Western Currency Facility at Dihenga my birhtdate is also the address of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, I think on King Street, near Union Station and I was hired during the last month of the Reagan/Bush US Presidency and I was promoted during the end of the Bush/Quayle US Presidency and this explains why I was OD and framed for robbery by all of them in Charlottesville, Virginia or Army JAG HQ and there’s more but to make a long story short I think it’s because it seems like they don’t think I’m ready for all of the responsibility that goes with being this person or something like that and there also probably saying it’s Police Recruit Undercover Vice Trainingnand all very legal cause drastic times call for dtastic measures and well whatever I’m just happy to be alive.

Note: 1972 the year of my birth Nixon got reelected by degeating McGovern who my Great Uncle James Doyle of the Washington Post I think was working before got made a Vice Admiral and a troop reduction was declared in Vietnam that probably got Nixon Impeached and caused him to move to North New Jersey to retire in 1975.


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