I might as well say goodbye now as this may be my last remote transmission from any location as I believe the criminals in the government have been successful at driving me from this marketplace and since I also believe that I am trapped here in Seattle, Washington with a lack of sufficient Identification for safe public transportation outside of the area I must make my stand against the hordes of war pigs sent my direction

I think Denver, CO and Philadelphia, PA have decided to conclude business with this US Marshal without Washington DC ever having issued proper US Marshal Identification, probably because they are sick and tired of the fight, after I was brought before the Court and Confirmed at the US Courthouse and then the US Military Courthouse and then sent away empty handed before everyone who thought it a great idea and then lying in wait in Charlottesville, VA until almost 13 years later to declare me incompetent and place me on sedative/hypnotics and then 2 years later telling me I tried to rob the man made up like a woman in the Sate in the Circuit Court and sent me to prison for years and now I am barely able to make it through the day without getting to cuss someone for minor disrespectful acts on a daily basis.

And I am plagued by the thoughts that some people think that because I was made government but not issued the license that I earned that I should have killed to get it or become a homosexual before arriving in Charlottesville, VA and nearly perishing there as if the cart should come before the horse in the burden placed upon court officials to have to do to the criminals what is prescribed by law but often nearly intolerable to live with at times, kill, so I’ve been told, as if I have disgraced the Court and am undeserving of wearing the Uniform of a Chief at Court and because of the embarrassment they say I have caused the Court I was branded a Rapist of women and children and for their Honor and my luck it was reduced to that immediate punishment and the life of walking the streets homeless the rest of my days with only a small pension and the public shelters to find the necessities required to survive life in this world in this country.

I think sometimes is it all just an experiment.

I don’t know but it is all very exhausting to have to think about sometimes.


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