Revisiting Vietnam’s Hamburger Hill 43 Yrs. Later

A story about Hamburgers and Pork Chops that reminds me of Police and Sheriffs that because of what happened on 9/11/2001 gives me the creeps about what the Federal Attorney General has planned for the competition. Making Mince Meat of the competition. Only a guess.

Cherries - A Vietnam War Novel

sign on Hill 937

One of these videos was posted on my Facebook site earlier in the week resulting in quite a few comments from vets and non-vets alike.  The main reason for posting is two-fold:  first, to show how the scenery has changed – vegetation reclaiming the land after 45 years.  Second, many people had absolutely no idea what it was like patrolling (humping) through the jungles- posed pictures somehow don’t offer a real “feel” of that experience – hopefully, this video will give viewers a taste of what us grunts experienced when moving through the jungles way back then.

While watching this video, you’ll have to use a little imagination so consider the following:  The temperature and humidity are both in the mid-90’s; the rucksack of supplies on your back weighs about 70 lbs. –  its straps are digging into your shoulders, restricting the blood flow to both arms which are already…

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