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Crazy, isn’t it, how much the conjunction Voc-Tec which stands for Vocational and Technical (Voc-Tec) reminds us of Voice Training almost as if it was meant to remind us that while we are trying to get our names up in lights at the theater we need to have an old fall back to keep us from starvation and homelessness making all of us that understand that better advocates of poor relief and work programs or simply stated “Paid Rehearsal!”

The Da Day Dayest Day Day

It mustn’t get around that were supporting this,

And if it does don’t worry about it cause I got this,

There’s always going to be people around that want to know if you’re down with this so are you down for this kids,

There’s gunshots all around me and my time is near,

I hope you all understand how lucky I am to rock and roll with it,

No matter how down he is with it,

It don’t matter how lucky got down with this,

Lucky run down,

With this,


Lucky got it,


Lucky was the only one,

Aww, aww, aww,

Lucky’s gone,


Lucky is that you?


Lucky, Lucky, Lucky,

Lucky got up and saw this thing,

Now lucky got eyes like laser beams,

Diamonds gleam,

They shimmer in the night,

They light the roadway,

It’s a long the highway,

The time we spent together,

Growing up and growing out of our baby clothes,

I knows,

What it is,

I knows,

What it is,

That turns you on,

I can taste you from way over here,

I want to taste you privately sometime and somewhere,

I want to be alone with you,

I want to share everything,

Second chances,

Sometimes never come,

They’re harder to accept,

When there’s none left,

I can feel your heartbeat,

I know that you want to be with me,

I’m not going to run and hide,

I want to be there with you,

All the time,




The Chilling Part About it Was Its Nose

Every winter it’s the same in this Northwestern Town, I seem to be outdoors roughing it to keep in shape and well that’s all part of getting old. I love to go around and say hello to everyone. I love to sleep. I love you. But every winter it’s the same old thing and I can’t see no other way to spend my time. I’m on the streets. I’m dying on the streets. Maybe one day that will change. Right now, I’m sitting here writing a letter to my family and friends and to heaven above out of love. Stay strong!



The Robot Planet

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has existed for centuries and is what drives them on seeking new worlds and new civilizations to enslave and then destroy in their spaceships. They do not spontaneously procreate and everything is a careful design manufactured by a genius they keep alive inside them in an incubator of sorts on life support.

I’m sorry!

I was only trying to help!