One Day

I became a Public Minister because I wanted to give back responsibly to the community the money that I made in Showbiz and still have enough to continue making more. Well, the other Public Ministers liked the idea so much they made me the Boss and they told me to keep it a secret and to help me they told that they were going to be keeping everything so that everyone would have a hard time figuring out what was going on so that they could catch people that deserve to have anything because they’ve been bad to everyone. I got hit over the head not long afterwards and forgot all about it until recently. I’m glad some of them remember the deal we made because without them I wouldn’t have anything and that would be unbearable and living on the streets on just $1.83 an hour would be almost impossible. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone.

Pioneer Square

Growing up in King County Seattle, Washington USA is filled with stories about the Lumberjacks and the Harvest Season in the Cascade Mountains around the Puget Sound. The stories are interesting and are what built Seattle into the cool city that it is today. As the city grew shops opened up near Pioneer Square where the Lumberjacks could purchase gear and outfit their workcrews for the season of cutting down the trees and as they became prosperous panning for Gold in the streams near the fallen timber in the High Country. There are also stories about the many depressions that settled on the city at the start of the season and the great stories about how they got through it including all of the wonderful music of the day including Jazz. You can find it all at the Seattle Public Library and at and there’s a Public Labrary near Pioneer Square where the term Skid Row was coined when the Lumberjacks would spend all their money drinking and end up as beggars and most of us around here are greatful that the Union Gospel Mission has taken up the cause of helping those unfortunate people giving them the change they need to get back to work.

Another Day In Seattle

I got a lot the day I was born. I got the world. I been giving it away, peole been stealing it and they been borrowing it. I can be real dense sometimes and forget to pray so I can get it back. I think that we’re all suppose to remember to pray to God so we can back the worl we once knew that was safe and we felt like we could do just about anything, I really do. It’s raining in Seattle right now and that’s really not anything to worry about around here it happens all the time during this time of the year but there are still homeless people and well I work for the churches and I get a little money from everyone and for the last three and a half years I have been on the streets but there are a lot of nice merchants everywhere that help out. I like who I am. I like you. Let’s party.